Sunday, November 16, 2008

Christmas list

I was driving with the kids the other day, when I brought up the subject of what they wanted to get their Dad for Christmas. This is how it went...

E: "How about black socks?"
Me:" Well he actually has a lot of black socks."
E: "OK, how about white ones then?"
Me:" Hmmmm, well socks aren't that exciting. Can you think of something that isn't socks?
E: "How about an I Love Guam shirt."
me:" I am not sure Daddy loves Guam."
C:" How about an xbox 360?"
me: "Well he already has a PS3, a psp, and an ipod. So I don't think he needs another video game system."
E:" Well what if all those go out at the same time?"
Me:" they won't."
E:" Well what if they do?"
Me:" They won't."
C:" OK how about a guitar?"
Me:" You mean like guitar hero?"
C:" No just a regular guitar."
Me: " Ok well your Dad doesn't actually know how to play a guitar."
C: " That's ok he can just learn."
Me:" You know what, we will just worry about it later."

So many good ideas, it's hard to choose! :)


heidigoseek said...

my children are convinced i really want a "swivel sweeper" for christmas...what could make me happier than that??

becky said...

Brenten thinks I want a barbie doll because it is in the pink isle at Walmart.

Susan said...

Oh, c'mon, you can never have enough socks!

The Farr's said...

Austin is always trying to convince me to get Travis something like an Xbox or Guitar Hero. Kids are so funny!!

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