Friday, November 28, 2008

only fair

Ooops! I neglected to do this for Harmony. I did it for the boys, so it is only fair. Or so she tells me! :)

Harmony is running out of time to sell Girl Scout Cookies. ( All totals have to be in on Sunday). Money is not due until cookies are in, so if you would like to order some, please do! If you are not interested in the cookies but would just like to donate $$ to go towards her troop, that is great too. Just let me know how much and we can do it in your name.

If you are local, let me know and we will bring the form to church, or by your house. Thanks for your support!

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Cindy said...

Whoooaaaa! Hold on,hold on! I know I've gotten very behind on reading others blogs, but when was the "Life growing inside me" announced?????

And, Congrats!!! and when???? and why didn't you shake me and tell me to read your blog, so I'd know????

I think that's awesome, seriously awesome! So, I want a due date and all that, ok! Hugs and love to you and you fam! :0)