Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Choices and misunderstandings

(talking to her friend)

(Enjoying his cupcake after winning the very first round of the cake walk)

(the ghost that "followed" Ivan)

( I made these cupcakes for the trunk or treat and thought they turned out pretty cute!)

Whew. I have a mile long to do list but I also have been wanting to update on a few things.

In school and at home, we talk to Ivan a lot about making choices. That he is not a "bad boy" but he made a bad choice. Or he made a good choice. And I realized the other day that these lessons were really sinking in. How? Well, Astro had got a hold of Ivan's diaper and was attempting to chew it up. Ivan went up to him and said, " Astro you are going in your tunnel (kennel) because you made a bad choice." I cracked up. Then later he asked me if he could go to the park and I said not right now. He started crying and said, "Mommy you are making mean choices about me!" So cute.

*************************************************************************************The other day Harmony let me know that she was voting for John McCain. I asked why and she said I don't think Obama will be good for our country. I said ok and left it at that. Today when she got home from school, she saw the yahoo page where it said "voted the first black president." She started bawling. I mean hysterical. I was not prepared for that!! I didn't realize she had such strong political positions. I finally get her to calm down and asked her what the matter was. She said that she had a really bad day and began to tell me about it. Well, she had written on a paper that "Obama used to be a terrorist." Some girl got all mad and ripped it up. Harmony was bawling, " Mom I didn't know it wasn't the truth!" It turns out, she thought that Obama and Osama were the same person. So I explained it to her and she is going to talk to the girl tomorrow, and let her know that she just got confused. What a crazy time!

The past couple weeks there have been an increase in phone calls around our home. However, they are not for Ben or I. They are for Miss Harm. She has never really been one to talk on the phone, to anyone, but she has been taking the phone into her room so that she can talk. What is next I ask yah?

And lost but not least I just had a few Halloween pictures from our Trunk or Treat that I thought it would post. I was cracking up because they had this floating ghost that scared Ivan half to death!


Navylangs said...

I wanted to win one of those cupcakes - they were so darn cute!

Angie said...

Those cupcakes are super cute Marie!

Susan said...

Very cute cupcakes - how did you make them? Don't you know you HAVE to post recipes when you post about food???

Okay, the Obama/Osama thing cracked me up. T.J. is upset about it for a different reason - I'm going to post about it later.

And, Eric wants to know why Ben isn't registered to vote??!! Isn't it required when you work for the military??

The Farr's said...

I love the cupcakes!! They are so darn cute!

Marie said...

Susan, we use to be registered in Oregon. Then when we moved to VA we were supposed to do absentee but something happened, can't remember what. Anyway, now that we are here we would have to go down to JAG to go and get absentee ballots and we just didn't have time. I am not even sure if we are still registered in Oregon, since we haven't lived there for a long time. Hmmm....

The Anglesey Family said...

How funny! I love kids!

Brooke said...

Marie--Jonah also started bawling when he found out the Obama won. the reason why? His teacher told the class that Obama was a baby killer (civil lawsuit anyone) and Jonah thought that meant that if I had another baby, obama would kill it. Soooo sad. It was a crazy morning getting that all sorted out.

becky said...

What a fun family. I could see how Harm could get confused. It is confusing for everyone because you never know what is true and what isn't and then you take the younger kids who hear all this and then they only apply it to the things they know. what a cute little girl.