Thursday, November 06, 2008

Q & A

Thanks everyone for all your nice comments about my cupcakes. I am no where near making my own cakes like some people I know ( Angie, Becky, Tara, Cindy etc)! But I did like them. And thanks to my sister, I now know that if you post about food you have to include the recipe. So here goes....

1) You need a cute little boy to help you make cupcakes. If you do not have one you may borrow any/all of mine.

2) For these we used chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting.

3) Once they have been baked and frosted, you take some toothpicks and stick them into your desired peep.

4) Stick into cupcake and make a circle of colored candies. (These were Halloween colored M&M's)

5) The End. Seriously easy. I did have some other holiday ideas though...You could do a strawberry cupcake with vanilla frosting and add a Christmas tree peep. Use colored candies or sprinkles to decorate. For Valentines Day, make a red velvet cake, white frosting, heart peeps and pink and white sprinkles. 4th of July make a white cupcake, strawberry frosting ( maybe add some food coloring to turn it red) with a star peep on top. See totally easy and can be changed up for any occasion that they make peeps for.

OK so that was the answer part of this post. The question is HELP ME! I am feeling very overwhelmed with all the things that I have going on. I find myself doing everything last minute. I have always wanted to be more organized, but now I need it more than ever. Anyone have any ideas or tips? Sites that they like to look at to get ideas? If you have gone from not being organized but are now, do you have a secret? I literally need help. I was thinking about getting a palm pilot but seriously do not want to pay a ton of money for one. I was browsing last night and they had them up to $1000!Yikes, are you kidding me? I am tryin to decide if I want to do that or get a Franklin. I buy the cheap planners and they never have exactly what I want. These are the things I am trying to organize( besides general house organization)
**I am the primary secretary so church stuff
**cub scouts
**girl scouts
**volunteer stuff ( book fairs, bringing meals to things)
**Ben's schedule
**home visits for Ivan & his paperwork
** spouse club stuff
** choir practice(s)
**Achievment Days
**kids homework
** school stuff ( papers to sign, folders to sign, fundraisers sent home etc)

So come on all you organized people. Help a girl out. I need advice/ideas. Or a website or something! Help me before I drown in paperwork!


The Farr's said...

Okay, this is what I do and it works well for me, but no guarantees! I have an accordian folder. Everything has a spot. I had one for secretary stuff when I was the secretary. Then, each kid has one. So everything I need to sign or look over is in their section. I also have enough space in mine for Travis' stuff and everything else. I also put post-it notes on papers before I put them in there so I remember when they are due, etc. And I check it every night to make sure I haven't missed anything!

One more thing....I don't use an organizer because I always forget it. I have one calender and write EVERYTHING on it! I find that if I wrote things down in a planner, it wouldn't end up on the calender and then I would forget about it!

I hope that helps! I guess you just have to find something that works for you!! Good luck!

Susan said...

Okay, I think I'm missing something - I've never seen Halloween Peeps. Or any other kind but Easter ones. Hmmm ...

I haven't been very organized lately, but I agree with Beth - I use a big wall calendar and write everything on it - my stuff, Eric's stuff, the kids stuff, even when I need to drop a casserole at a funeral or take treats to an event. I tried using the calendar and a separate planner, so I could take it with me to dentist appts. and such, but I found that I didn't use the planner much. I used to LOVE my Franklin (as you well know), but I got to the point where I wasn't using it much, so this is what I'm doing now.

As for all the paper - I have a slot on my desk where I stick all my "in" papers. When I'm done with something, I file it away in my desk drawer, where I have files for all of the kids, 1 for YW, 1 for my book blog, etc. The key is going through it often (like, maybe, every day) to make sure you don't forget something.

HTH. LMK if you find some wonderful new technique. I can ALWAYS stand to be more organized.

Marie said...

OK Beth, I bought an accordian folder today. So I will give it a shot! Anything to help! I swear I am going nuts.

Boy Susan, you are missing out! We had pumpkin and ghost peeps. Christmas we have trees. All sorts of things.

It makes me laugh because if I didn't know that we were related...that is my biggest problem.I take my planner to church to put things in from the annoucements and than it stays in the church bag all week! I have a big calender, but it is so full of stuff that it is hard to read. Ugh, why do we have so much going on?!

Mark and Tammy said...

Hey those all sound like great ideas. There are some amazing organization websites that have great checklists etc. I do use a planner and find that I forget it all the time-but My husband keeps track of most things on his phone and it will alert him and tell him what is going on. As for homework, sports etc--a calendar is great. I just have my kids empty there backpacks once they get home, so that I can see it, sign it, get rid of it. I find that I have to make a schedule (which I am not the best at following because I am a spontaneous person) and my kids do REALLY well with a schedule of events-not to structured though because that would be annoying. Good Luck on your adventures-but go and check out some of the websites under charts, organization of the home etc..

becky said...

I have always been organized but I don't have near the stuff you have going on. But I have a basket that I put anything I need to do in it. Every Tuesday and Thursday it gets cleaned out and done. Meaning the bills and filing things away any random things I need to do, make appointments, primary presidency stuff, etc. Then I have a planner. Mine is a cheap one but you have more things than I do going on. I the ones where I can separate out the time. And everything goes in there. I have tried to have them in different spots and then I can never keep track. It all goes there. Whether it be for church, christian the boys or me. I make sure the planner is a size I can take with me because I even put my shopping lists in it. And then if I am at a meeting it is there. I will even write down if I need to do something, ie make cupcakes but I will put it on the day I need to make them not the day they are needed. I hope you find something that helps.