Sunday, June 03, 2007

some pictures...

This morning was really hard on Ethan. All morning he kept telling me that he wasn't feeling very well. But after questioning him a little, I kind of got it out of him that he was just feeling pretty sad. this was our conversation...

E " Do we get to come back here again?"

Me-" Yes sweetie but not for a long time."

E " You mean like 8 weeks?"

M- " no more like 2 years."

E " How come it is for so long?"

M " Because it costs a lot of money to fly our whole family back here."

E " Well you can use my quarter."

M " That is not quite enough pumpkin."

E " Well you can have my penny too."

So sweet. He has been having such a fun time. I am glad that he has enjoyed it.I am starting to feel emotional also. We have enjoyed our time but we are ready to keep going. More fun times ahead!

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