Thursday, June 14, 2007

....Outta here!!

After weeks of planning and preparing, traveling and arranging, it all comes down to tomorrow. Our stuff is packed, our van is sitting in a lot preparing to ship ( we will get it July 25th!) and now our rental van is almost completely packed. It is so hard to believe that by this time tomorrow night ( ok not exactl becase of the time difference) but when I lay down to go to sleep tomorrow, I will be in Guam. And this adventure will be ending or just beginning...I am not sure.

We leave here bright and early and board the plane around 9:30. I doubt I will be able to sleep tonight. So much going on.

I think Harmony summed it up well when she said, " I feel really excited but kind of nervous."

That is how we are all feeling!!

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Susan said...

Good luck, you guys. We are really excited for you! We expect lots of pictures and updates. We'll miss you.