Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sea World

We paid the perfect admission price to go to!! Members of the military, get 4 free tickets, through a program called Salute to Hero's. We have loved it because we got into Seaworld for free, and last summer Ben and I went to Busch Gardens for free.

Anyway, my Mom also had 4 free tickets and so our family, my Mom and my sister and her son, all got to go in free. Because of this, we decided to go a little later in the day. My Mom was having a farewell luncheon, and so we waited until she was done.

We started off by doing a ride called Journey to Atlantis. I was extremely surprised that Connor was willing to do it. I thought he was going to freak out once he got to the top but he didn't. Ethan wanted to do it twice! He loved being splashed and the roller coaster part.

After that we just walked around and looked at the different exhibits. No more rides, just looked around. We went to the Dolphin show and I insisted that we sit in the "soak zone". And trust me, we got soaked! My Mom and sister didn't want to sit down there so one by one...all the kids went up and sat by them. It was just Vale and I left. Unfortunatley, it cooled way off and we never completely dried off!

We ended the day with the Shamu show and I loved hearing the kids ooh and ahh over all that he could do. We didn't sit in the soak zone though. It was a really fun day and I enjoyed it. We came back to my parents apartment and not a few minutes later...Ethan was sound asleep on the floor.

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