Sunday, June 17, 2007

hafa adai

That is the welcome greeting in Guam. Fun huh? I am taking advantage of the " we are still not on Guam time and are up at the crack of dawn" to send out some emails and update the old blog.

Ben heads back to work. We have had a lot of togetherness and we are both anxious to send him off today! He hasn't been working since May 18th. That is a loooong time. He isn't sure all of what he will be doing though. Then he is headed to the housing office. We have heard that there are a lot of vacant ones right now. A couple in our new branch at church, were offered one on the first day. So we are hoping for the same luck!

Speaking of our new branch, we attended yesterday. Everyone was very nice and friendly. 4 new families moved in yesterday so they were excited for the influx. Except for Ivan, all of the kids are in the same primary class. There are only the CTR's and Valiants. In Sunday school it was all the youth and adults together ( maybe 20 people with 4 being visitors) and about 12 or so in Relief Society. So it is a tiny branch but they told us not to worry, " there is plenty for us to do!"

Phone and address are still up in the air but once I get them, I will get it sent out. Also, I am taking tons of pictures of the beautiful scenery but I don't want to upload to the hotel's computer so I will put some on when I get my own back.

Anyway, we are doing well. Let me just tell yah...this place is BEAUTIFUL!

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Little Hensley Fam said...

I'm sure it is beautiful, can't wait to see the pictures... how's everyone doing with the heat, or is it bearable? Have fun, and hope you get into housing soon.