Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Santa Barbara Zoo

(at the enterance)

(looking at an exhibit)

(2 cute little monkeys)

I recieved an email from a friend, asking if we wanted to meet her and her boys at the zoo today. Needing a break from the house & unpacking, we jumped on the chance.

This was Mason's first time at the zoo and Ivan's first time...that he can remember. The last time he went was...uhm...yeah I don't remember.

Harmony's favorite animal: Snow Leopard

Ethan's favorite: "that is an unanswerable question"

Connor's favorite: the lions & snakes & snow leopard & giraffe

Ivan's favorite: flamingos

It was a very fun day. I did start going Northbound on the freeway instead of Southbound on the way back but I got us back (:

1 comment:

The Anglesey Family said...

That's funny....Braxton's favorite animal was the flamingo's too.....
So random I think!