Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oh what do you do in the summertime?

(splish splash!)

(taste test)


(picnic basket)

(sidewalk chalk)

(new books)
(In N Out burgers)

When all the world is green?

** You stay up late
**You sleep in
** You play with bubbles in the yard
** You have picnics
** you go to the zoo
** you play video games
** you play legos
** you have picnics in the backyard
**you play at the park
** you taste test strawberry jam
** you stay up late for movie nights
** you get forced to do errands with your Mom
**you bowl in the backyard
** you drive your Mom crazy with "I'm boreds"
**you get to play with your cousin at the pool
** you read books
** eat yummy cheeseburgers
**write messages and draw pictures with sidewalk chalk


Julie said...

Sounds perfect! (And a lot like our summer so far...)

Beth said...

Really not nice to post pictures of In N Out burgers!! Those are the best!! Hope you are enjoying your summer!!