Thursday, June 24, 2010


(Ivan loved this and didn't want to leave!)

(All pictures were taken on our first trip)

While on Facebook one day, I laughed as a friend wrote, "The term summer break was not named by a Mom. It is one of the biggest oxymorons ever!"

And this morning as the kids uttered those dreadful words, "I'm BORED" 2 minutes after breakfast was over, I found myself anxiously awaiting for school to start! Unfortunatley, CA schools have only been out for a week!

The kids asked if we could please go back up to the zoo. It is not far and we purchased a membership...but I wasn't too interested. I mean we had just seen all the animals the other day.

However, they didn't want to go see the animals. Not really. In the lunch/picnic area, there is a little green hill. If you have a piece of cardboard, you can use it to slide down the hill. They had their boxes all ready to go.

When I realized that was the only reason they wanted to go, we nixed it. But I am sure we will do it sometime soon!

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