Sunday, June 06, 2010

abc's of being home

(entering the Discovery Center)

(Discovery Center)

(happy to be reunited again!)

(lots of rain!)

(cousins eating pizza at Spooky's)

A- airport to pick Ben up!

B- boys! Lots of them! Brothers, Uncles, Grandpa's, cousins...

C- cousins. The kids have had a blast playing with their cousins!

D- Discovery Center in The Dalles

E- entertainment. There is never a dull moment around here

F- family time

G- getting to know Grandparents again

H-hanging out

I- Ice cream from Dairy Queen.

J-jumping on Aunt Amy's trampoline

K-Kennedy relatives

L-lego tables

M- movies before bed

N-naps for Mom!

O- overindulged by Grandparents

P- playing outside without sweating

Q- quiet? Only when the kids are asleep...and sometimes not then!

R- rain, rain and more rain!

S- sweatshirts

T- Turner relatives

U- uniforms are non-existent

V- value meals that are actually cheap

W- waiting to go to California

X- hmmm...sorry I am not that clever (:

Y- yawning

Z-zzz's, and a lot of them as we are still gettng used to the time difference


Beth said...

Cute post!! I bet your family is so happy to have you back on the mainland!!

The Anglesey Family said...

cute post!