Tuesday, May 11, 2010

who is this?

(my little spring flower)

(is that not a cute little tail?)
(uhm yeah, just ignore my fatness and focus on the cuteness that is Ivan!!)

(Ivan and his friend Fallina)

What a difference a year makes!

Last year, Ivan had a Mothers Day program in his class. He stood in the back and hid. Then laid on the floor and screamed and cried. Eventually, we took him out of the situation. It broke my heart in a million pieces.

This year, he did a Spring Concert. And he was a rock STAR! One of the loudest singers. He sang, he danced, he shook his "tail". He was not happy with the spotlight in his eyes, but other than that...it went so well.

I am so glad that he is getting over some of his "issues". That boy makes me so proud with all he has accomplished!! Go Ivan!!


Julie said...

How awesome! And such a blessing!

Beth said...

Yeah Ivan!! And he is such a cute spring flower!!