Monday, May 10, 2010

Bye bye

(Stephanie, Line and I)
(so cute! Harmony and Freddy were wearing matching shirts...and they are the same height!)

(Line and Grace..." we only sing at church"

(singing Livin' on a prayer!)

(I can't get my pictures to rotate! This is our total island baby, rockin' out to the music!)
( 2 of the Moran boys rockin' out!)

(ok so not the best picture of Stephanie! lol She is Mason's "Phillapino Mom")

( I interrupted them mid conversation!)

(Such a fun group! Love you all! )

I wanted to have a going away party, but decided it wouldn't be good manners to throw a party for myself. Luckily, my friend Stephanie had one for us! We had a great time, laughing, talking, eating pancit, and doing video-karaoke. The kids had a blast staying up late running around with their friends. By the time we got ready to go, Ivan was half asleep on their couch! We are going to miss our fun Guam friends! Thanks for the memories! (:


The Anglesey Family said...

OK....I must have been gone a long time because I did not recognize any of these people! But, I am glad you're coming back! Maybe we can meet at Legoland!!!

becky said...

That looks like you had a blast. I bet you will be sad to leave them. On to making new memories.

Marie said...

Tiffany, you have been gone for too long! (: But you probably forgot that we moved! Then our branch split and we were in a new branch again! The Dededo Branch. So these are friends from there, not our Talisay group! (: