Tuesday, May 18, 2010

culture shock

(my new toy)

(view from my parents deck)

On Monday Ivan and I went to go and pick up my new car. Afterward I wanted to stop and get some groceries and a few other things. So we stopped at Fred Meyer.

Ivan, because of good behavior on the plane, was allowed to pick out a Lego set. We started walking into the store he asked me if this is where we got Legos. I said yes. Then he asked where we had to go to get food. I told him in that store also. He looked at me like I was from Mars.

In Guam, the BX and the commissary aren't next to each other. So you have to drive from place to place.

Then as we were walking into the store, Ivan stopped and said, "Mom! They have phones outside!!" Apparently he had never seen a pay phone before!

As we were grabbing a few groceries, Ivan was looking at all of the different choices and said, " I like the food here better than the ones on Guam."

The cutest however, was on our drive home. We drove on a highway next to a damn. His eyes were huge as he asked what it was!

Then he was so excited to see a train! He hadn't remembered ever seeing a train in his whole life.

The best was when he was able to go in 2 tunnels!

My son who has seen carabou's walking down a highway, many, many different cultures represented at his school/housing, wild boars being chased by boonie dogs...had never been in a tunnel.

It is like he is discovering a whole new world!


Julie said...

Isn't it amazing? That's how it was for us after leaving Hawaii... island life was all the kids knew... it really is a wonder when you look through the eyes of a child!

Mary said...

How sweet!

I can just picture the drive down the Gorge. Beautiful! Have fun at home!

Lisa said...

And the adventures begin!

becky said...

So funny, I always think of people who live in other countries or places and how much more cultured their children are. But there is so much to take in own little neighborhoods. What a cutie.