Monday, July 07, 2008

I'm it

I have been tagged. I think we all know the rules...wait and see if I tagged you at the end! bwah ha ha!

3 Joys:(besides the obvious Ben, the kids)
1)long hot bubble baths with a good book/magazine
2) snuggling in our bed and watching a movie with Ben
3)when things are cheaper than I thought they would be

3 Fears
1. Mice (seriously thanks a lot Darla) car breaking down somewhere with the kids in the car, and a dead cell phone
3. failure in the home

3 Goals:
1. to research autism so I can make informed decisions on Ivan's behalf
2. get organized
3. trying new recipes and get out of the same food rut

3 Obsessions:
1)Harry Potter(seriously I didn't even want to read them and now I can't get enough!)
2)Close to my Heart
3)taking photos of my gorgeous husband and cute kids

3 Random Facts:
My life is an open book. Hence the blog. But I will try...
1. I don't wear my wedding ring ( I am allergic to the gold and we just haven't bought a new one yet)
2.I love the look of a freshly vacumed house
3.I like to have breakfast foods for dinner, and non breakfast foods for breakfast. Make sense?

OK I have to tag 5 people...
Janice (that's what you get for giving out your blog address!)
Darla (since she's bored without Vale)
Christy ( so she will update!)
Becky ( 'cause I am having so much fun reconnecting with you!)

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