Sunday, July 27, 2008

Almost time!!

We are getting down to it. Our alone time begins around noon tomorrow. I am so very, very excited. Right now we are busy...

**doing laundry
**packing all the bags for the kids
** writing out emergency phone numbers
**getting flight info written down
** preparing a to do list for the morning

And that is just so the kids can get off! Ben and I have not even started packing yet. Actually...Ben has to unpack so he can pack again. But we are so anxious and excited to be going. This is the first time I have been gone from the kids this long. We have been able to have a few trips alone, but it was usually just 2 days or so. This time it is a lot longer...and not with family.

Anyway if I don't blog for is because I am on vacation! :) I am bringing my laptop so I will still have email, if anyone needs to get a hold of us. And my memory card has been cleared so expect a ton of pictures. I can't wait! Wal mart...oops I mean Hawaii here I come! Aloha!


becky said...

Have so much fun. I have to say i am a timy bit jealous. i can't wait to see all the G rated pictures.

Mark and Tammy said...

Yeah for you Marie I am so happy for you-it is awesome to go and be with your husband. Is it your anniversary or are you going for fun. Have a great time and I will be thinking of you soaking up the Hawaiian sun. Are you heading to Oahu?? Have fun

Little Hensley Fam said...

I'm so excited for you! Have a wonderful time! I wish you could fly a few more hours to San Diego! lol! Post pictures when you can, but also take it easy and relax cause you deserve it!

The Anglesey Family said...

I hope you have fun in Hawaii! I am sure you will show us ton of pics!!!I love how you keep me posted.