Sunday, July 13, 2008


I feel like I have neglected Ethan and Connor. I haven't done too much blogging about them lately. But I had some cute conversations with them, the other day...

Ethan: "Mom, there is something that I have always been wondering..."
M: " what is that Ethan?"
E:" When you eat a cinnamon roll, how did the cinnamon get in there?"

Connor: "Mom I just can't wait until I am a Dad."
M: "Really how come?"
C: " So that I can finally drink diet coke and than I can buy rated T games!"

Cute little boys. Even though I haven't blogged about them, they really do light up my days!


The Anglesey Family said...

The diet coke thing killed me!

heidigoseek said...

What is it with the diet coke? My children think that is the pinnacle of maturity. I drink caffeine-free, so it's not like it's totally off-limits to them. I just don't want them to have it:)
So cute!

The Farr's said...

Austin also can't wait to be a dad and buy rated T games! Too funny...