Friday, October 02, 2009

C is for...

Connor! The other night, we had a Communication problem. (: He thought we were having pizza for dinner and was bummed when he found out that he wasn't. So, since I thought we were leaving the kids with a babysitter last night, I told Connor he Could pick whatever he wanted for dinner. He Chose one of his favorite C's...Corn dogs! So while I was at the Commissary, I also noticed Cheetos were on sale. An idea formed in my mind and we had a "C" themed dinner. It was so fun! On the menu was..

Corn dogs
Chocolate milk and
Candy Corn for a treat.

Then we all watched Fred Claus.

The kids had so much fun using "C" words and eating our "C" food. (Get it, see food?!lol)
It turned a normal family movie night into something even more special.It really is the little things isn't it?

Ethan told me later, since we are doing it in alphabetical order I get to go next right? I honestly hadn't planned to do all of them but it will be fun! I think I will do them once a month and just go around and around. Fun times. So I will be racking my brain for Ethan...eggs and egg nog? eggplant? We'll think of something!

However it turns out the best "C" Came this morning...CANCELLED! The storm watch over Guam has been lifted. We are so grateful that our little island has been spared. Thanks for all the prayers on our behalf!


becky said...

I have a great egg roll recipe that my kids love. That is a great idea. I may steal it for my kids. And a great way for little ones to do more with letters.

Susan said...

How fun! And where did you get that cool tray?? Love it.

E foods - hm ... 'how about ears of corn, enchiladas, Eggos ... Yeah, that's all I've got. Just wait 'til you get to Ivan - I think I's harder than E!

Marie said...

Becky I would love to get it!

Susan I bought the trays of Wal Mart years I miss Wal Mart. For Ivan we were thinking about just going with ice cream! (:

The Farr's said...

What a fun idea!! I love it!! And I am so glad the storm warning was cancelled!!

The Anglesey Family said...

You're such a good mom!

Christy said...

How about individual pizzas made on english muffins for Ivan. Individual meatloaf made in muffin tins would work as well. I vote for halibut for Harmony or maybe hashbrowns. Ben's will be biscuits and gravy.

Laci said...

That is such a cute idea, Marie!!! I will definitely have to borrow it...Lynzi will LOVE it! Thanks for sharing. :)

Laci said...
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