Sunday, July 12, 2009

Welcome Home Mason!

The house is quiet. Everyone is asleep or on a quiet time. So I thought I would update while I have the chance!

Tuesday afternoon I went in for an appt. with my doctor. These have been going on for the last few weeks. I had been on a monitor for a non-stress test. One of the doctors, came to check it and said, "how would you like to have your baby today?" I was shocked but said yes. He then said, "well than you need to have some more contractions." He laughed, I rolled my eyes and was sent on my way, very unhappy.

Friday same thing. A little change in my cervix and than I went to go get on the monitor. A different doctor (the one I see most often) came in and said, "how would you like to have your baby today?" Everbody is a comedian right? No, not this time. He said that my pockets of fluid looked a little low, Mason wasn't responding on the monitor and that basically my body was ready to go and that I wouldn't do Mason any good by staying pregnant.

So I called Ben and told him to meet me in the mother/baby unit. I got in about 10, and they started IV's. I am notorious for "not having veins".I got poked 3 times before they actually got it! Grrr. I hate getting IV's! My water was broken about noon. I had told everyone that I wanted an epidural so my nurse said to let them know when I was ready for it. Well I go through a battle of "I don't want to be a wimp and get it early but I don't need to be a hero either". Finally I got it.

I still was feeling contractions in my back though. My legs were numb but nothing else. The nurse decided to check me again. Apparently she gave the anethesiologist a look and went to get the doctor. Ben told me about "the look" later. According to her, it wasn't that the epidural didn't work, it was that Mason was on his way out! My nurse was praying I didn't sneeze while she got the doctor. :)

A little later, there was Mason. He was a healthy 8lbs 2 oz. The consensus is that he looks like Ethan. Although Connor was very excited to see that Mason has blue eyes, just like him. We will see if he keeps them!

Mason and I stayed an extra day in the hospital, since he was born before 37 weeks. Uhm yeah, one day before 37 weeks. We spent an exciting day in the hospital watching tv and snuggling.

He is doing well but he does have a case of jaundice. We are hoping to see the sun peak out a little this rainy season so that he can use it.

Other than that, we are just trying to adjust to life and to take it easy. I have pics posted on facebook and my Mom also has a few on her blog (hers is Avis La Fin which you can find a link on my side).

Oh and we also celebrated 4th of July so I thought I would add a couple of those pictures in!


crazymonsons said...

COngrats Turner family! He is so cute! Glad to hear everything went well and that you guys are home and happy. Enjoy your little one :)

Janice said...

Congratulations Marie! I kept looking for your post that you had had him. He's adorable! I took a peek at your mom's blog too! July 10th- really good day to have a baby!

The Farr's said...

Congratulations again! He is too cute for words! Love ya!

Susan said...

Congratulations! I'm so glad everything went well.

The Anglesey Family said...

SOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!! I loved all your picture!!! And Mason!!!!!!

Brooke said...

Congratulations on the new arrival, Marie! I wish my guy would come three weeks early. That would be heavenly!

Yearsley Family said...

Congratulations you guys! Mason looks so sweet and healthy!!! Hope things are still going well! Love ya!

heidigoseek said...

congratulations! i know you are happy to have that little guy in your arms.

becky said...

Another beautiful baby. He is so precious. I love when the siblings are so excited to hold them and be the big bro/sis. So cute. Congrats. I hope you are recovering quickly.