Monday, July 27, 2009

pity party

(Just imagine this...all over our house. Blech!)

(It's kind of hard to see because our door is black but it is covered!)

There is a phenomenon that occurs every time Ben is gone. Actually, I believe it is a military wife thing. Once your husband deploys. And what is that phenomenon? Everything goes wrong. Seriously. I have had some nightmare situations in the past. Last summer was a whopper...Ivan's diagnosis, tv problems, van problems, vacums dying, Astro leaving his messes all over...You get the idea.

Ben has only been gone for 6 hours and I get to deal with the situation in the above pictures. Can you tell what it is? Bugs. Bugs everywhere. Last night they started appearing. We thought it was because of a window left open. When we got up to go to the airport...there were tons. It grosses me out like nothing else. They are everywhere. I called housing and they can't get anyone out until tomorrow. Ewww.

Connor keeps saying we have a bug "infection". I am letting myself have today to whine and pout and than the pity party is over. I promise. I just wonder what all can happen in 2.5 weeks...


Brooke said...

Wow poor you. What kind of bugs are they?

becky said...

That really sucks. I would be freaking out too so you are more than allowed. You don't even have to stop the pity party by tomorrow. It can continue. I think it would make me itch.

The American Homemaker said...

Ahhh I hate bugs! I not only have bugs in my house, I've had five snakes in my house since I've lived here :(

And I know what ya mean about stuff going wrong when the hubby is gone. My ex is a firefighter and everything bad would happen when he was on shift.

Christy said...

Have the kids suck up the little beggars with the vacumn cleaner. I promise it won't hurt the vacumn and it will give the kids something to do.