Thursday, July 16, 2009

Brothers,baths & billi blankets

(all done and wrapped up)

(getting ready)

(Mommy's boys...does Ethan not look HUGE next to Mason?!)

(Our little "glow worm")

Well Mr. Mason has had quite the first week (almost) of life! Sunday and Monday the kids wouldn't take their eyes & hands off of him! I found myself trying to stop them from fighting over who gets to hold him. Now that he has been around for a little bit it is starting to wear off! Not completely but...

Mason left the hospital with a mild case of jaundice. We had to bring him back in, and his levels had risen. So we went and got him a billi blanket. Ivan also had to do this but he did it at the hospital. Mason got to spend the next few days in just a diaper and laying on the blanket. Luckily it worked and his levels are down. Today was the first in a while that he got to wear clothes!

His cord has fallen off and his circumcision is healing he got to take a bath! Newborns really don't smell badly, but he had kind of a formula smell! He wasn't too sure about the bath and didn't like the lotion afterwards. But a bath, bottle, some lovin' from Grandma...and he was out like a light. So maybe it wasn't all bad!

We are adjusting. I think the kids are rotating days of when they behave and when they don't. Lately it has been Ivan. But before that it was Connor. Who knows who will be next! :)


becky said...

at least you didn't have to do the bili bed. Glad he is doing better. Are you getting any rest?

Marie said...

I was so glad we could just set him up here. It made it so nice. My Mom is here and Ben is off work so we have all been taking shifts. I have been really spoiled and actually sleeping a ton! :) When Ben goes back to work and Mom goes home it will be a different story!