Tuesday, February 24, 2009


You might be nesting if....

** you spend 2 hours weeding in your yard. The last time you did this was...uhm...good question

** You are cleaning out drawers and closets

** You would like to learn how to sew. Purely for craft projects. All clothes will still be purchased :)

**Looking through lots and lot of home & garden magazines

**Looking through lots and lots of organzing magazines

**Spending time on home blogs for organizing, decorating, recipes and crafting

**baking and cooking lots

**thinking of ways to change your home so you like the decor better

**planning menu's and finding new recipes to try

**walking through the baby aisles just touching stuff :) Not actually buying because you don't know the sex yet!

**thinking of things to add to your garden (adirondak chairs, garden flags etc)

** a sudden desire to learn to crochet or knit so that you can make cute little booties (or something else)

**planning out your Spring/Easter decorations

Or it could just be that you are a woman and these are the things you are interested in right now. Hmmm...what do you think?


Janice said...

I would gladly trade places with you Marie. You wanna have sinus/allergy problems and terrible gag reflex? Plus being tired BEYOND belief? I'll take the nesting... I could use it this week!

Anna said...

Totally nesting!! Janice, you'll be here in a couple months! With Andrew one day around 4 months along I decided I couldn't stand to be in my house unless it smelled like lemon. So I bought lemon candles, lemon cleaning products, even actual lemons which I would cut up and place beside my kitchen sink. Preggo hormones make us ever so slightly crazy!

becky said...

when I am like that christian says I call it nesting but really that I am just crazy. I think their may be too much truth in both. But I always say, why does it matter as long as the stuff gets done. No one should be complaining. Right?:)