Friday, February 06, 2009

Fun Facts about my Four year old

I feel like I have been out of commission for awhile. Lucky me, I have been at the hospital every day from Tues-Friday. I go again on Monday & Thursday. Oh the joys. But because of that, I really haven't been updating. It is a good thing Ivan can't read or he might wonder why I haven't blogged about his birthday yet. Sorry little man!

**Ivan is my 4th child, who just turned four, on the 4th, and has 4 letters in his name. Hmmm...

**Ivan's favorite food is cheese-hamburgers No, not cheeseburgers, cheese-hamburgers He likes them with cheese and a ketchup smiley face. Nothing else.

**Ivan knows exactly how to get to the channel he likes-Noggin. On our tv, it has a little picture next to the channel number. So he knows he has to click the button until he sees the Noggin picture.

**Ivan loves the color green. Everything has to be green Green shoes (thank heavens for crocs in a rainbow of colors), green cups, green plates, green toy bins, green everything.

**Connor wants to teach Ivan how to write. Ben and I would rather have him teach him how to use the potty.

**Ivan always has to do "jump jumps" out of the van. He can't just climb down. He has to jump.

**Ivan has no fear. A lot of this has to do with autism and the fact that he doesn't understand consequences. This has made it so that he runs off to the park by himself, is not scared to be in the ocean by himself, he doesn't get scared of animals or people he doesn't know. Obviously this has it's good points and it's bad!

**Ivan can fall asleep at the drop of a hat. If you can get him to sit still for 2-3 minutes, chances are he will be asleep.

**Ivan loves baths He stays in for hours. It is a good thing we don't pay for water here in housing. :)

**Ivan has a scar on each eye, his chin, and his cheek.

**Ivan loves his Mom. He is constanly kissing me all over. He tells me he doesn't love snuggling as he grabs his blanket to come lay with me or be rocked.

**He is my favorite little four year old.

Ivan is such a fun child. A trial at times but he fills our home with laughter He says funny things and keeps us on our toes. His progress report from his speech therapist said he is right on target for a four year old! We are so proud of his accomplishments. We love our little Jedi!


Mary said...

Happy Birthday to Ivan the Great!

Susan said...

Happy Birthday to Ivan. Of course, I forgot to send him anything, cuz that's the way I roll these days. It looks like he had a fun birthday, though.

So, why have you been at the hospital every day? Is it still dehydration? Or something else? Hope you start feeling better. When is Mom coming?

heidigoseek said...

happy birthday!! i can't believe you're the big 4!!!

Christy said...

Happy Birthday to Ivan. You know you can't tell us you have been at the hospital without telling us why.

Little Hensley Fam said...

Happy Birthday to Ivan! It's hard to believe he's 4! I remember when he was born... so little... and now he's such a big boy!! Glad he's doing well! =)

Amyscrazylife said...

Jadyn does not like cheeseburgers either she likes hamburgers with cheese.