Thursday, February 19, 2009


(cutest wolf scout EVER)

(CUTEST 7 year old EVER)
(candle-less cupcakes)

(bestest brothers)
(Harm and the birthday boy)
(Mom with her favorite grandkids!)
Like most people, our lives are so busy. Insanely busy sometimes. But it is amazing to me what all can happen in just a matter of days!!! So grab a snack and something cold to drink as I update you on our lives. It may be long, but if you don't read it all, you are going to miss out! :)

Starting from the youngest to the oldest...

Baby update. I went to get my glucose test done. I scored a 189. Unfortunatley, normal is under 100. So I have to go and take the 3 hour long test. Yippee. But we got a bit of a shock at the info that the doctor gave us. Ethan's delivery was pushed off until 37 weeks. However, Connor and Ivan were both born at 35 weeks. Because there is absolutely no NICU here, any child born within 34-36 weeks is medevaced (is that how you would spell that? hmmm?)out to Okinawa. Ben doesn't believe this will happen, because while they have come early, their health has always been good. But we all know that "if ye are prepared ye shall not fear". So we are trying to come up with any possible scenario and try to make plans accordingly. I forgot to mention that, even if the baby only needs a couple of days, we could be in Japan for up to 8 weeks because the baby can't go until it has a passport. Which is why we would have to fly someone out to take care of the other kids. It would be crazy!! So we are trying to prepare, but are hoping it doesn't come to that.

On to Ivan. Ivan had his yearly appt. with the developmental pediatrician. While they are easy to find in the states, out here they only come once a year. After talking for awhile about struggles & triumphs and letting the doctor observe Ivan, she said she is not convinced that he is autistic!!! We are ecstatic at this news. Does he have delays? yes. Does he have a lot of things he has to work on? yes. Was this still good news? Heck yeah! She felt that 1)he understands a lot more than he lets on 2) that his need for order is more just how he is personality wise, than because he is autistic. (Maybe a little OCD?)3) That he is very bright. He does crave order and so she (and his teacher) believe that if he is put on a regular routine, given lots of warnings about what is coming next, that he will really excel. So I am working on labeling all his drawers and toy buckets with pictures, coming up with a working schedule/routine with him (including pictures)so that he can have that order that he craves. Such happy, happy news!

Connor is 7 today!! I can't believe it! We went to TGIFridays the night that my Mom was here. Ivan was so tired that he fell asleep in the booth! :)He also got cupcakes on Monday. We were very laid back with his birthday. So laid back that I forgot to make sure I had candles for his cupcakes. He ended up with 7 MATCHES! I felt bad but you know what? He didn't seem to care!

The boys had their Blue and Gold banquet for Scouts while my Mom was here. It was fun to see them get awards. We enjoyed good food and good conversation.

Let's see, what else? Lots of drama from Harmony (of course).She went to a GS Valentines Day party where her leaders had made them all poodle skirts. They turned out so cute. Tomorrow we are going to go out to World Thinking Day and I am excited to see Harmony's dance. They each choose a country and do different things (dances, food, housing, etc)

To be honest, this is just a small sampling of all that is going on. But some of the more major.

We enjoyed my Mom's visit so much. I wish she could have stayed longer. I know she and my Dad really missed each other though. So I sacrificed and gave her up! :)

So there you go, all updated!


The Farr's said... when you first said you got some shocking news about the baby I thought that maybe you were having twins too!! I hope everything goes well with his/her delivery so you won't have to deal with all that drama! And yeah for Ivan! What great news! I'm glad you had fun with your mom!!

The Anglesey Family said...


heidigoseek said...

wow!! i know you must be so happy!
looks like you are as busy as ever.
don't know about the spelling of medi-vac, but i hope it doesn't happen:)

orchard_girl said...

Hi Marie, I saw your mom this morning, still jet lagged from her trip! I think I'll volunteer to go with her to Guam for 8 weeks, just in case you need a nanny.

Marie said...

You know Heather, I told Wendy, who had it as a new years resolution to come to Guam, to come and see us. You are of course more than welcome too!! :) We love visitors. Ecspecially "McSisters". :)