Monday, January 10, 2011


(the kids hanging out with a "Who" at Universal Studios. Ivan looks thrilled, doesn't he?!)

(family photo outside)

(the crazy 18 month old)

(I found Ivan sound asleep like this one night. What can I say? The kid was worn out!)

(Harmony's favorite Christmas gift! A box filled with packs of gum. She said she is about half way through it already!!!)

(Christmas Eve, with the required new pj's in front of the tree picture)

(this was the destruction found in the living room on Christmas morning!

(chasing after Santa! The Camarillo airport has a Santa in his sleigh that flies over on Christmas Eve. I think it was the highlight of Ivan's night!)

Has it really been 4 weeks since I blogged? Sorry! I don't know where I used to find the time for this! I used to blog regularly. Now it is quick catch up posts. I guess some is better than none but...still!

Starting at the top, Ben. Oh how we miss him!! I got a call from him in the first few days of Dec. saying he was leaving the main base and headed for a smaller one. There is no internet connection where he is and except for 2 emails and a 5 min. phone call, we haven't heard from him in a month. I can't wait until he is back at the main base and we can hear from him again. I complain a lot about his watching sports, but I wish he was here tonight! He has been a Duck fan...practically since birth. Tonight is their Championship game. I hope wherever he is, he gets to watch his beloved Ducks!

Harmony is still doing well. She gets frustrated with her brothers at the drop of a hat but...what are you going to do right? She still calls them "little bothers" instead of brothers. She is turning into a pretty responsible girl and I love that I can start to rely on her for more things. She is very thankful to her Aunt Darla...because she has a cell phone now! Oiy!

Ethan is so cute. Mason says one word constantly (besides Mom, of course!) and that is E! E! He can get "E" to do whatever he wants. Ethan always tells me he isn't going to let Mason boss him around anymore, but I don't see that happening! His whole life right now is video games, scouts & school.

Connor is my little sweetheart. He really just has the sweetest heart. It doesn't stop him from doing things he isn't supposed to do though! I always find him with candy wrappers, his DS, Legos etc where he is not supposed to have them. He wants to get a cell phone so that he can text. I asked him who he would text and he said, me, Dad and Vale.

Ivan has had a lot of adjusting after his big winter break. He thrives on a scheduled routine and it was a hard week back at kindergarten! He is so excited to be turning 6 next month. We are going to have a party with just his church primary class. I am not up for a big party without Ben being here! He wants an Indiana Jones party so I am going to have to get creative!

Mason is a total pill. He is 18 months old today and drives his Mom crazy. Seriously. I have had to purchase 4 baby gates, 3 handle door locks, and more in baby proofing gear. We also were the recipients of a new toilet. Mason threw a big black Lego wheel in and flushed. Our maintenance people came out and couldn't get it to dislodge. So they had to take the whole thing out and give us a new one. Anyone want to adopt him?!

Seriously, I wonder if my life will ever change. I am not nearly as exciting as the kids are!

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