Friday, July 23, 2010


(Outside the museum)

It's been awhile. Yikes. So what has happened since the 4th of July?

**Mason turned one!! A sad but happy occasion! I can't believe he is so big...

**we had a wonderful day at the Santa Barbara National History Museum. Where I fell and twisted my ankle while trying to take a cute picture!

**celebrated 12 years of marriage to my best friend and sweetheart

**have forgotten what Ben looks like as we hardly ever see him :(

**sent the big boys off to Cub Scout Day camp

**the kids constantly going outside for "a roll" down the grassy hill

**lots of the mundane things: grocery shopping, laundry, meals, cleaning, video games, family bonding time over Wipeout...

I am honestly going to try harder to update but you know, "life moves fast. If you don't stop to look around once in a while, you might miss it!" I don't want to miss anything!


Julie said...

Wow! Is that hill behind your house in Camarillo? That looks like awesome housing!

Marie said...

It's the front! The housing is seriously nice. Down that hill is the playground. I need to take pictures of the house so everyone can see it!

Oh and I met Heather yesterday! She stopped by for a quick chat. (:

Matt and Tracy said...

YES, you NEED to take pictures of the house! I had no idea it was military's so nice (and new)!

I love the pictures on the grass and rolling down the grassy hill! Oh how I miss real grass!

I guess what they say about battalion is true, huh? They are never home :( That's a real bummer!

The Anglesey Family said...