Sunday, January 29, 2006

sick,sick,sick and tired

Those are the new names of my children! All 3 of the boys coughed all night and had runny noses as well. I feel so bad when they can't sleep because of being stuffed up. But what can you do? During the day they do pretty well, but I know they did not get very much sleep last night. Neither did I! Harmony's new name is tired. When she is tired she is crabby and you better watch out! Yesterday she was "little Miss Popularity". She went to the primary activity at church, came home and went to a movie with one of her best friends, got home at about 3:00 and then left at 3:30 for a playdate with another friend. When she got back, she went straight up to her room and said, " I don't need any stories tonight Mom, I am just going to go to bed." So today we are taking a day off from church and those kids are going to take big naps. And so am I!

Our lives are so busy all of the time. This week, there is cheerleading, scrapbook night, parent teacher conferences, play dates, going to the gym and many other things, and that is on top of the "regular stuff".

Ben has been gone for over a month. I can't believe it. There are times when it feels like he has been gone forever. When I just want him back with us, even if it is just for a little while. When he was in Indiana, I ended up being able to see him once a month. It would be nice for it to be like that now. It is a lot easier to get through a month than looking at 5 more months. But I think we are hanging in there. Some of his friends said that the first month is the hardest. Now that it is over, we just have to keep going.

Hmmm, I think that is it for now...

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