Thursday, January 26, 2006


Well, Ben has been gone for a month today. Although, if you want to be technical, he has really been gone since the first of November. Just a couple of vactions in there. He seems to be well. I know that he is somewhat bored, and there isn't as much going on there as there was in the ROICC office. He told me that one of the soldiers from the Afghanistan Army told him that he couldn't believe that he had so many kids when he was so young. Ecspecially with only one wife! LOL!

Harmony started cheerleading last night. She hasn't learned any cheers yet, just practiced moves. There is a crazy schedule for the gym, so she actually has practice 2 nights a week for the first two weeks. Then it will just move to 1. I am really lucky because my friend and neighbor, has said that she will keep the boys for me on Thursday nights. So I have a little break during the week. Harmony is excited because she got a pink and black t-shirt and matching pom poms and hair ribbons.

Ethan said today that he absolutely doesn't like girls. He doesn't want to get married because he would have to kiss a girl. I don't know where he gets all of this. Maybe at school? Anyway, he is pretty funny. He seems to be handling Ben being gone just fine. Although every once in a while he will ask me things like, " is it summer yet?" "is Daddy ever coming back" and things like that.

Connor has a cold and is pretty unhappy. He has a thing against throwing kleenex away apparently. I keep finding a pile of used tissue right by the box. It is gross. I don't know why he won't throw them away. He was bummed when I told him that he wasn't going to school tomorrow because he has a cold. Oh well, he will live. I have a parent teacher conference for him on Thursday so it will be nice to see where he is at.

Ivan, Ivan, Ivan. He is such a QT. He has another tooth. So that makes 7 total. He is a little lopsided but it is cute. I recently found him half way up our stairs. He has learned to climb stairs before he can even walk. He is at kind of an annoying stage. Anything that is in a drawer has to come out, even if it was just put there. He also loves to take everything out of the garbage can, much to my dismay. He loves going to the day care at the Y because he just gets loved on the whole time.

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