Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy to be Home

( My kids are all so tall that they get put in the back row. So I always get pictures of just their heads! Annoying. This is before it began!)

(Ethan's teacher told them a story about a boy messing up during a concert, and his Mom posted the video on You Tube. Ethan made me promise I wouldn't do that!)

(after he was done)

Just looking at my calender for next week makes me want to cry!! It is jam packed. This season is such a busy & full time. We have gift exchanges, Christmas parties, field trips, Christmas concerts, GS, and more.

Yesterday I...
dropped Ivan off at school
Went to the commissary for a few things (it's never just a few is it?).
Recieved a phone call from the school nurse.
Scheduled a hearing/eye exam for Ivan.
Dropped Ethan's homework agenda off to him ( he left it on the couch)
Made it in time to watch his concert.
Meet with his teacher to get some paperwork.
Pick up Ivan
meet with his teacher about IEP's & assesments for him
dole out snacks
get home
walk Astro
get Mason down for a nap
bring in groceries
get Ivan some lunch
plant him in front of Tom & Jerry's Christmas Capers

All before noon! Yep it was a long one. But as I was running around, I was hit by a wave of gratitude. I am so grateful that I can be an at home Mom. I can't imagine doing all that and trying to hold down a job also!

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